AlAhly Sports Club 


Vodafone, the main sponsor of AlAhly Sports Club presents you a chance to win through “AlAhly World” and get your picture printed on the back of AlAhly player’s jerseys, which they will play their matches with.

There are 2 ways to get this chance and be one of the lucky winners.: 

  •  Subscribe to AlAhly world bundle by calling *1# for 0.75 pt/Day
  •  Or subscribe to AlAhly World on Vodafone live portal through vf.eg/AlAhly
  •  Subscribing on either of these channels will automatically give you a chance to be one of the lucky winners of the raffle, and subscribing on both will give you higher chance to win the raffle
  •  If you have already subscribed on *1# and win, a link and a voucher code will be sent to you to upload your photo for free, and it will be printed on the back of Al Ahly player jersey.
  •  Or by subscribing to the portal vf.eg/AlAhly , you can upload your photo, and if you are one of the lucky winners, it will be printed on the back of AlAhly player jersey.


*Terms and conditions apply