Secure Customer Loyalty with VIS Business Support Services



At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer a comprehensive suite of business support services that are designed to address the many challenges your business faces on a daily basis. Our support services will help you optimize every area of your business and give you time to focus on the bigger picture and your core activities.



Our extensive range of professional business support services work towards optimizing every area of your business to help improve your productivity and bottom line. Our team supports your business needs with key services that include:




Quality Assurance

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Quality is key to your business success. When quality is good, it shows and it makes a significant difference. With our quality assurance services, you can ensure your business is performing at the highest level in every area.The VIS quality management platform helps you to identify areas where input and output levels can be improved. We will provide you with the support and assistance you need to develop your quality management program in the most beneficial way for you and your customers.

Business Process Improvement

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Your business processes are the lifeblood of your business and determine how you are perceived by your customers and stakeholders. We aim to achieve the seamless integration of theory with best practice to create continuous process improvement designed to optimize performance and align business operations with business goals.


Knowledge Management

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The business that stays ahead is the business that never stops learning and developing. At VIS, we offer a range of knowledge management services that are designed to strengthen performance and give you the best returns on your investment.

Our certified trainers and instructors offer a range of training programs that can be tailored to the needs of your business and which will help you to maintain a competitive edge. Our certified trainers are real practitioners of what they teach. Their experience stems from years of training Vodafone employees as per Vodafone’s service levels and standards.   


Project Management & Operations Support

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The most successful projects are those that are managed effectively across all stages of the project lifecycle. At VIS, we offer projects and operations support that will not only ensure the smooth delivery of your projects, but also support your needs along the way.

Our certified project managers work to optimize the running and smooth delivery of customer projects through technical assistance and workforce management. The goal is to ensure optimal productivity and quick go-to-market timelines.


Workforce Optimization

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Our workforce management services ensure efficient scheduling in order to accommodate changes in customer contact behaviours. This allows your enterprise to achieve optimal productivity and faster go-to-market times. 

Our workforce optimization services provide a smart balance between operational efficiency and service excellence achieving.  



Experience true efficiency and a service that is customized to suit your business needs perfectly. Focus on your core strategic goals and get away of complex time-consuming operations.

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