Bring Speed, Efficiency and Flexibility to Your Business Processes with VIS Enterprise Contact Center Services  



Vodafone International Services (VIS) delivers a wide range of Enterprise Contact Center Service solutions that are designed to give your customers outstanding support and stellar service.


The Enterprise Contact Center Services at VIS are scalable, flexible and enable you to carry out business processes in a more efficient and cost effective manner. When you need to ensure quick turnaround for your customers and complete customer satisfaction, we have the perfect solution to suit your needs.




 Application Centers


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The visa application process often takes time and delays are common. However, when you engage our visa application center services, you can reduce these delays, process applications in a shorter time frame and provide faster responses to your applicants.


VIS works alongside many Embassies offering visa application support services that save money as well as improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Appointment Contact Centers


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Handling appointments and reservations can become a complex process, and if not handled efficiently, a frustrating experience for your customers. Our appointment contact centers cater to the needs of your customers and your business and can be tailored to any sector. We offer specialized service centers that take care of all appointments and reservations, thus ensuring that customers get the best service at all times.


Government Services Contact Centers

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Our government services contact centers are the ideal solution for enhancing communication between citizens and government offices / departments. Whether you want to move to a digital and paper-free environment or you want to respond to inquiries and requests in a more efficient manner, we have the knowledge and capabilities required.


Industry Specific Contact Centers

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Whatever your industry and no matter who your target audience, VIS can design and deliver contact center services to suit your unique needs. From handling your inbound calls to managing your marketing campaigns, our teams have experience across a wide range of business sectors.


Directory Assistance & Concierge Contact Centers

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For today’s busy customers, nothing can be more satisfactory than keeping your customers connected with information whenever needed. Connect your customers with up to date and useful information 24 hours a day. VIS directory and concierge contact centers ensure your customers have access to the information they need and when they need it through live call transfers and SMS services.




Here are just some of the benefits our Enterprise Contact Center Services offer: 

Check_mark.pngAllow you to handle calls, requests and inquiries in a professional and efficient manner
Check_mark.png Give you the freedom to redistribute key members of staff to other areas of your business without affecting productivity
Check_mark.png Our non-telecom contact centers are cost-effective and time efficient
Check_mark.png Services can be tailored to suit the needs of any company in any industry



A Enterprise Contact Center Service Solution Tailored to Your Business  


Choose VIS as your Enterprise Contact Center Service partner and rely on our global footprint and diversified expertise. Experience true efficiency and access our services that are customized to suit each business needs perfectly.

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