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Delivering Reliable Application Development Services


At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we are experienced in working with complex businesses looking to reduce overheads, increase productivity and bring re-engineered products to market quickly. Our proven Software Development Services offer highly sophisticated, bespoke solutions capable of generating high returns with minimal risk.


We recognize that our customers are looking for an outsourcing solution that guarantees integrity, quality and proven domain expertise across a broad range of business platforms and applications. Whether you require a complete review of your business infrastructure, application enhancement or development of a custom mobile app for internal use, our development experts are ready to assist you.


VIS relies on our diversified experience in serving telecom and non-telecom customers. Accordingly, our Application Development and Maintenance Services do not raise our customers’ concerns regarding applications quality and reliability. And, when it comes to the Time-to-Market, our Appfactory model enables faster time to market. VIS model is robust and stable enough to embrace any customer-specific requirements with no impact on the progress of core activities.




Relying on our AppFactory model, we promise the following:


Check_mark.pngOn-time projects delivery - we guarantee a faster time to market or deployment.
Check_mark.png Cost effective development services - when done in the right way, outsourced software development will always be the most cost effective solution. We reduce your overheads without any compromise to the quality of service.
Check_mark.png Access to development and ITO experts - Our carefully hand-selected development teams are experienced enough to provide our clients with a broad spectrum of technology solutions. We heavily depend on a team with a proven track record and the ability to deliver the highest level of specialization and expertise.


VIS helps you to get the most out of technology with innovative, end-to-end solutions that are tailored to your business. The result is enhanced agility, increased productivity and software development services that meet your business needs through and through.


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Here are some of the key Application Development & Maintenance Services we offer:



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Business Analysis & Project Management (Technology Consultancy) 


VIS combines cutting-edge knowledge with specialized expertise implemented through practical application of end-to-end structured software development processes (i.e., SDLC) for smooth application development and close performance tracking and monitoring (i.e., Vodafone Global Applications). We can help:

• Convert Business Requirements to Technical Specifications
• Full Procurement Cycles (RFI / RFP / RFQ preparations


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Application Maintenance & Enhancement


The highly experienced VIS technical team can take over existing software or systems and provide software maintenance as well as code-level support in order to enhance or leverage its performance and capabilities. We offer:

 Code-level applications support 
• System-level applications support


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Software Design & Architecture


IT solutions that directly meet business needs through system development, platform architecture and application and database design. VIS follows the design & architecture industry best practices using the latest best-of-breed technologies including:

• Machine-to-Machine Solutions


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Software Development, Customization & Integration 


VIS accrues its skills, processes and technology partnerships to offer application design, development, implementation, quality management, security auditing, deployment and support. Our services include:

Websites/Web-based applications
• Online Self Services (Internet/extranet)
• CRM apps. & Content Management Systems
• Mobile Applications Development
• SharePoint Development




From concept to end user testing, VIS is with you every step of the way during the application development process. We understand you are looking for an application development team that can give you insights and valuable opinions to ensure your application gives you the best returns.


Quality management and monitoring is a huge part of what we do. We help you get the most out of technology from individual to end-to-end services tailored to keep your business agile, efficient and fast in a competitive-market. In addition to developing and implementing brand new solutions, we can also take over your existing software and IT systems, providing system support as well as continuing product and software development. 


Contact us today about our outsourced Application Development and Maintenance Services and how we can help your business to harness the power of today’s technology.