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Empower your workforce with enterprise mobility solutions like Sales Force Smart Toolkit, Interactive Product Catalogue & Government Mobile Services from VIS.


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Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Workforces around the world are on the move. Mobile technology is revolutionising the way organisations do business, including the ways in which they can offer their services and empower their staff. Vodafone International Services (VIS) offers a range of Enterprise Mobility Solutions that can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce your overheads and give your staff the best tools to do their job no matter where they are.

As part of the Vodafone Group, it is safe to say that our understanding of enterprise mobility solutions is unrivalled. Our wealth of knowledge and years of experience in providing outsourced solutions make us the perfect choice if you are looking to introduce robust and reliable mobile solutions to your workforce and customers.



Empower Your Workforce with Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our feature-rich tablet and mobile apps give your teams go-anywhere functionality. These solutions will allow them to carry out their normal business functions and much more, all on the move. At VIS, our teams will work closely with you to develop the apps and tools that best suit your business processes and meet your objectives. Whether you want to give your staff the freedom to work from home or you need to get more from your sales teams while they are on the field, we have the right solutions and recommendations.   




Here are some of the core Enterprise Mobility Solutions that have been developed and introduced based on the Global trends that influence enterprises:


Field Force Management

Sales Force Management

Complete end-to-end enterprise grade mobility solutions empowering a mobile workforce with feature rich tablet and mobile apps allowing them to do more on the go:

• Field Force Management
• Sales Force Mobile Apps
• Products and Services Digitization


Empowering sales forces to sell more effectively with up-to-the minute customer and product information on the latest smart devices:

• Sales Force Mobile Apps

Corporate Self Services Mobility

Government Mobile Services

Enterprise mobility framework offering Mobile Apps seamlessly connecting employees with all the services anywhere, anytime:

• Self Service Mobile Apps

New concept for governments services empowered by Government-specific cross platform capability providing multilingual access to information for citizens and reducing day-to-day pressure on local offices:

• Mobilized EGov Services




Do more Business on the Go!


VIS mobile apps and interactive product catalogues enable our customers to do more business in a new and efficient way that meets our customers’ demands and fits today’s new wave of “Doing Business anywhere, anytime”. As consumers want quicker and more convenient access to products and services, our mission is to make your business accessible through tablet and mobile devices – that’s always good news for any business!



VIS is among the leading Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers in the region. Enable your mobile workforce with feature rich tablet and mobile apps that allow full empowerment anywhere they go.




Contact us today to find out more about our mobile services and the many benefits they can bring to your business.