VIS E2E Enterprise Solutions


At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer effective enterprise resource planning strategies and solutions that are best suited to serve your customers globally with unified seamless service level. Our broad geographic footprint allows us to offer resilient solutions and services that will help optimize your business processes to improve productivity and boost growth.



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Delivering Customer-Centric Operational Model


Simply put, we follow a defined approach where we accompany our customers across the whole process until we assure achieving business excellence and full service stability. To that end, total quality management, compliance & security, and business improvement services are ongoing procedures that are essential components of how we achieve excellence. Our services are empowered by world renowned methodologies and proven best practice such as ITIL, PMP, Six Sigma, ISO, and COPC. Your business can save money, boost productivity and increase responsiveness to customer needs with a range of VIS enterprise solutions. VIS enterprise solutions are designed out of serving wide range of enterprise customers and tailored to suit your specific requirements.


We offer the following commercial enterprise solutions:


Sales Enablement Services

At Vodafone, we offer end-to-end sales enablement services, from bid management to sales back office to win over prospective customers. Our sell services include: 

  •  Bid/Commercial Management
  •  Order Management
  •  Billing
  •  Sales Back Office/Voice
Service Delivery
Our efforts ensure that the service, product and customer are seamlessly on-boarded in an orchestrated way at the right time on the network. We achieve this through:
  • Service Delivery and efficient on-boarding procedures
  • PMO and Program Management
  • Provisioning
  • Porting/activation/deactivation/order fulfillment

Quality Management Services

We bring value to our customers through adopting effective holistic back-end processes that assure excellence in all the provided services through:

  •  Total Quality Management
  •  Compliance & Security
  •  Business Improvement Services

Service Design 

We work to develop market-driven solutions based on customer needs helping them to enhance their business. Our design services cover all the product management phases:

  • Product Management
  •  Services & Solutions low-level design
  •  Process Integration 
  •  Release management
  •  Customer trial management
  •  Early service assessment
  •  Partner & Vendor relationship management
  •  Quality assurance and technical solutions testing

Global Operations Services

We offer Vodafone’s global operations services to our Enterprise customers to optimize all their interactions and offer flexible, dynamic operations services through:

  • Service Centers and Desks
  •  1st, 2nd and 3rd level of support
  •  Real-time management and support
  •  Change and configuration management
  •  Global notifications management (network outages, maintenance, etc.)
  •  Customer escalations management



E2E Enterprise Solutions for Optimal Customer Interactions


Our E2E Enterprise Services provide flexible and remote working capabilities that will help improve your business efficiency and reduce overheads.

Learn more about the range covered by our E2E enterprise solutions and how you can optimize your customer interactions. We can help you add value to every customer-facing aspect of your business.


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