Accelerate Your Market Leadership and Speed of Innovation with Business Intelligence Services from VIS   


Staying competitive requires that decision makers are able to gauge the dynamics of a fast-paced marketplace in order to ensure your business responds quickly and appropriately. Today’s business environment also mandates exceptional customer service and keeping within regulatory compliance at all times. Having mountains of raw data is meaningless; it needs to be translated into insights that drive actions to optimize your company’s performance across all levels. Information must be available when and where it is required, thus enabling positive decisions that ensure:

• Robust financial growth
• Improved operational efficiency
• Heightened customer experience
• Greater, easier fulfilment of regulatory requirements


Speed, skill and efficiency are critical factors without which none of the above can be accomplished. That is why some of the largest, most powerful organizations around the world rely on Vodafone International Services (VIS) for Business Intelligence services that help achieve more positive outcomes in their business overall. We create value by providing the complete end-to-end spectrum of data management, data monetization, standardized reporting in formats of your choice, automated dashboards, advanced analytics, predictive modelling, identification of new revenue streams, and much more.


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Our complex business intelligence services simplify your business! These services include:





Data  Management 

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 Integrated BI & Analytics

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Data Monetization

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 Predictive Modeling 



Information Reporting 

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It is time to keep your business in the know and make faster, better decisions based on what your numbers can potentially tell you.

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