Build Intelligent Campaigns with VIS CVM & Campaigns Management Services


Our campaign management services tackle omni-channel communication strategies with well-defined monitoring and measurement mechanisms. In addition, our campaigns are strategically designed to ensure optimum customer experience through every online and offline interaction for your niche audience.

At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer a thorough understanding of CVM  campaign management to effectively target your customers. VIS CVM & campaign management solutions help decrease the time it takes to deploy new services, increase your ROI and improve customer satisfaction.


We address the following areas:

  •  Multichannel based Lifetime Value (LTV) models and Life-time cycle understanding
  •  Churn reduction analytics
  •  Cross/up selling in lifecycle offers


We offer the following CVM & Campaign Management services:

  •  Customer Profiling and Target Marketing - We help you to manage activity levels by tracking customers through every touch point, profiling their behaviour and prompting the purchase of relevant products and services.
  • Base Management Analytics - We go beyond CRM to help you offer the right product to the right market segment at the right time. These services also help you to map your marketing goals to your business goals.


Create Unique Customer Experiences with VIS CVM & Campaign Management Services


The perception your customers have of your products or services may be vastly different than what you want it to be. Through effective customer value management, we can track customer activity, develop accurate customer profiles and help you enhance your offering as a result.

VIS CVM & Campaign management services help your business explore different customer lifetime value experiences and identify new opportunities and target markets. What’s more, our campaign management services help you to leapfrog the competition, improve your data quality and close the gap between analytics and taking action.


Contact VIS today to find out more about CVM & Campaign management and how we can help you align marketing goals with your business objectives and gain more loyal customers.