13 Years Serving European & North American embassies and consulates in the region

Our highly trained account executives are fluent in English, Arabic & French and are qualified to offer a range of services to embassies across Egypt.VIS Information and Appointment Services provide two crucial service categories for our customers, both citizens and embassies:




Information Services


Appointment Scheduling


Information hub answering the applicants’ inquiries & availing information needed prior to visiting the Embassy or the application center through multiple channels:

  • Live operator services

  •  E-mail support

  •  Multilingual Support (11 languages)

  •  SMS alerts service 

  • IVR for 24/7 application status tracking

  •  Integration with various social media channels


Reliable service provided by VIS for managing the applicants' appointments through different appointment scheduling services. 

  • Dedicated call centers for managing appointments through

  •  Designing and mapping the whole process of appointment booking 

  •  Continuous clean-up of duplicate appointments

  •  Handling Travel Agents’ groups appointments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Languages : English, Arabic & French