Putting Data into Perspective


At Vodafone International Services (VIS) Research & Insights, we know that customers’ decisions and behavior are the main influence on the success of your company. We provide quick turnaround research findings with Vodafone quality standards to help you make fast and more informed decisions.


Our goal is to ensure a better return on your marketing and product investments. With us having client side experience in a highly insight driven organization, this helps us provide you with actionable insights that help take sound business decisions.




 We are using Research techniques to go beyond the Facts and Into the Customer Journey :


Customer Deep Dive

  •  We come from a customer centric organization that believes that the voice of customers is what drives successful business.
  •  We help you deeply understand your customer needs, drivers and behavior. Knowing how your customers perceive you allow you to have your finger on the pulse of the market and find the right unique selling proposition to hammer on.


Product Life Cycle: Concept Testing and Product Optimization:

  •  Our research team helps you measure reactions to a new product or service prior to development or launch. The insights we provide you helps you identify where to allocate marketing resources and product development to generate the maximum growth.
  •  We help you optimize your product portfolio and find your perfect mix, set the right positioning, pricing and promotions that would yield highest revenues and customer appeal.


Branding and communication Pulse

  • Our team can help segment your market and identify your brand excellence pillars. We can help optimize your market entry strategy as well as find the right crisp message you need to send to your customer.
  •  Our team help you address the market demands and performance criteria to thrive in the marketplace and provide you with Insights that build Strong, distinctive and memorable brands.

 Research trackers:

  •  We provide telecom trackers such as acquisitions and churn, tariff dipstick, network trackers, international and roaming surveys.
  •  FMCG, Finance, Media, real Estate and other industry trackers such as brand trackers and customer satisfaction trackers.
  •  We can use multi-source models integrating a variety of different data sources such as, social media, survey-based and transactional data.
  •   We track customer satisfaction up to a 360 degree view of the customer experience and journey enabling our clients to achieve better return on investment, better business outcomes and stronger business performance.
  • Touch point NPS Tracker Interactive Dashboard: Comprehensive Interactive root cause analysis through different NPS Channels and subcategories which help leveraging data to glean insights and make Smarter business decisions.
  •  Our platform combines the powerful visualization, analytics, and predictive features of BI with the most advanced integrated reporting capabilities available.



Research & Insights Success Pillars:

Check_mark.pngChoice of Methodology & Language

Check_mark.pngQuestionnaire Design

Check_mark.pngSample Selection

Check_mark.pngQuota Management

Check_mark.pngData Processing

Check_mark.pngData Analysis

Check_mark.png Client Servicing 


Contact VIS today and find out more about our market research surveys and services. We can help you gain excellent insight into your target market and enhance your offering to deliver a competitive edge.