VIS Ensures Optimum Performance and Outstanding Results    


Whether you are about to launch a new app or you simply want to measure the capabilities of your IT system, Vodafone International Services (VIS) offers a range of flexible testing solutions.

Highly scalable and flexible, we offer quality as a service that combines the best of your in-house capabilities with our years of experience and expertise. From functional testing to security testing, we can help you get the best returns from your software and infrastructure investment. The goal is to ensure optimum performance and results for your organization.






Functional Testing

When you have invested in new technology, you want to be sure that it delivers to its original objectives in the most effective way possible. Our functional testing services give you this peace of mind and include system, integration, regression, localization and acceptance testing as standard.

We tailor our quality and testing services to suit the needs of your business and the requirements of your app or IT systems. 


Performance Testing

Many businesses make the mistake of implementing changes to their software or hardware infrastructure without first carrying out performance testing. This can be risky and could result in overload or misunderstandings about the capabilities of your new software or systems.

We carry out comprehensive load testing to understand the behaviour of your software or systems and validate the performance under a targeted load. These tests allow us to examine the speed, effectiveness and capabilities of your systems via quantitative & qualitative tests.

Operational Testing

Operational testing is another essential part of the software development and implementation process. This phase allows us to evaluate a component or system in the operational environment for which it was designed to be used. We carry out a range of comprehensive tests that help us determine and compare actual to predicted outcomes.


Security Testing


Of course, you want to be sure that by implementing a new system or making changes to your existing systems, you are not introducing threats or vulnerabilities. We carry out full security testing to ensure your data is protected and your systems are functioning as intended. VIS security testing includes integrity, confidentiality, authentication, availability and authorization testing.


Quality As A Service Tailored to Your Business


Your business is unique and we recognize that our testing services will need to adapt to your software, systems and your industry. Our quality and testing experts will work closely with you to customize our services to fit your exact needs. Whether you need to ensure your software can work efficiently on your existing infrastructure or you have specific security threats that affect your business, we can help.



Contact VIS today to find out more about Quality As A Service and the value it can add to the way you run your business systems.