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Innovative Telecom Products and Services Developed to Match Your Specific Requirements and Exceed Industry Standards



The Vodafone International Services (VIS) suite of telecom products and services offers excellent benefits to our partners and other international markets. 


These products and services help to ensure you get real value from your investment in VIS and that you get the support, services and tools that you need to stay ahead of your competitors using Vodafone worldwide telecom best practices and a team of experts with diversified experiences and multi-vendor capabilities. 


Every business has different needs. That’s why we customize our telecom products and services to suit your specific requirements and business goals. By investing in our services, you get access to best-in-class services that enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. Overall, we empower you with whatever required to enable you meet your objectives with speed, efficiency and at optimum cost. 


Our telecom products and services include a wide array of solutions: 



Value Added Services

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At VIS we offer a range of services and products that give you real business value from your telecom investment through an experienced team in Value Added Services architecture and development, postpaid billing and prepaid charging systems. Our services go beyond the typical core telecom offering and include:

  • CTI and Network Products/Services
  • Mobile Payments Products/Services
  • CRM Products/Services
  • Messaging Products/Services
  • Radio Network Planning/Optimization Tools
  • Customer Focused Products (Ex: Promotion Engine, Customer Care Administration Tools … etc.)

OSS/BSS Services

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VIS OSS/BSS Services provide end-to-end services for OSS/BSS platforms through specialized team of experienced engineers. OSS/BSS services include Revenue Management services which are divided into End-to-End Convergent Mediation Services, and Professional Billing and Charging System services. The provided services cover multiple vendors and multiple technologies:

  • Revenue Management
  • Complete assessment of Revenue Management Systems
  • Mediation analysis, installation, configuration, optimization, and support
  • Billing testing, promotion configuration, bill cycle review and enhancement
  • Charging system configuration analysis, integration, and promotion configuration

Access Network Services

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VIS access network services provide you with the tools and services you need to plan, optimize and manage your radio resources through an experienced team with different backgrounds of different mobile vendors and operators in 2G, 3G and LTE technologies equipped with Vodafone best practices and Vodafone radio tools: 

  • Radio Optimization (2G/3G/LTE multi-vendor)
  • Radio Planning
  • In-Building Design
  • Antenna Testing and Acceptance
  • Physical Audit and Optimization
  • Automatic Frequency Plan

Click here to download the Access Network Services Portfolio.

Core Network Services

Technology Services 124x92-5.jpg VIS Core Network Services provide you with the services required for core networks planning, integration, migration, upgrading. At VIS, we provide managed core network services through an experienced team with different backgrounds of different mobile vendors and operators for both Voice & Data Networks and with different network technologies including 2G, 3G and LTE 
  • Core Networks (2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), IMS, VoLTE)
  • Packet Switching
  • Circuit Switching

Click here to download the Core Network Services Portfolio.


Best In Class Telecom Products and Services


Contact us to find out more about our suite of Telecom Products and Services. We can tailor our services to suit your business needs and your business objectives. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the possibilities of getting the best capacity and quality out of your networks.