Organizational Development Solutions at its Finest

At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we believe in the power of people. Empowering people and developing them today means empowering the whole organization and developing its performance for the future. Without a doubt, providing the right training can keep you ahead of the competition, especially when it is executed through a premium training quality mindset driven organization.VIS training models encapsulate the latest training techniques and knowledge management processes so that you get the best return from your training investment. These proven, practical techniques are derived from over a decade of experience and our own investment in the very best training resources and tools.




Our Learning & Development Offerings

Vodafone International Services can fine-tune your organizational vision through offering the below solutions:




Performance Consultancy


We are honored to share with you our “book of secrets” that encompasses all Vodafone OpCos experiences and best practices. Our expertise creates a unique road map to take you where you want to go.  



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Change Management Consultant


Change is often for the better, but in reality can pose a challenge. To help your organization cope with and embrace change, practical strategies need to be adopted. These strategies must be skilfully executed in order to deal with resistance, lack of confidence and misunderstandings.A VIS Change Management Consultant can help your organization to understand change and minimize the risks of changes in the IT environment.



 Process Improvement Techniques


A business is only ever as good as the processes it adopts. VIS offers a range of process improvement techniques that help you to review and improve the processes that drive your core business activities.It is critical that these processes are reviewed and enhanced where necessary on a regular basis to ensure they are bringing you the best returns.


VIS process improvement techniques offer seamless integration of business theory with industry and operational best practice. We handle the entire lifecycle of your processes, including:


● Discovery and defining of objectives
● Analysis 
● Redesign 
● Implementation of the process including resource management
● Communicating change
● Process review and documentation if necessary


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Corporate Academies


Creating centralized and integrated end-to-end learning solutions that guarantee achieving your organization’s long-term ambitions and goals. Speak to us today about our learning and development solutions and how we can design and deliver the perfect training packages to suit your needs.




 Customized Training Solutions


We have a variety of off-the-shelf solutions that can provide your organization with the required knowledge based on easy-to-implement, effective techniques. However, we can also customize a training solution to perfectly fit your company’s vision, mission and cultural values.Following rigid Training Needs Analysis (TNA), the creation, development and delivery of our solutions will be directed by the use of the latest methodology and following systematic learning process


.Our off-the-shelf solutions are designed to address the following:


• Interpersonal/Intrapersonal Domain
• Leadership & Management Domain
• Human Resourcing Domain
• Instructing & Presenting Domain
• Sales & Marketing Domain
• Execution & Project Domain