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Savvy corporations are working towards creating holistic development strategies to assure an aligned, harmonized performance. These corporations are also striving to balance knowledge levels across the organization. Vodafone International Services (VIS) has developed a comprehensive corporate academy model to support this growing initiative within many of our client organizations. The corporate academy model offered by VIS delivers high quality, tailored training programs that are completely customized to suit the needs of the whole organization.


Our certified professionals deliver world class training solutions that can be adapted to a wide range of industries. One of our key strengths is working closely with our customers to help incorporate business objectives, visions and values into their training programs. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that helps to improve organization performance and keep all teams aligned and working together in harmony. From training your retail employees to your managers, we offer the training solutions that will take your business where you want it to go.



Here are some of the key aspects of our corporate academy and what makes it an essential consideration for your business:


• Strategic Direction – We begin by ensuring first that we fully understand your specific goals and that your corporate academy has a well defined purpose.

• Structure - Once the objectives are identified and approved, we start building a full and appropriate structure for your corporate academy. We will highlight how the proposed structure will serve your organization’s objectives.

• Governance - Every corporate academy must have a governance body to ensure it delivers the desired value to the organization.

• Staffing and Skills - We will work closely with you to identify the people who are best suited to each training offered.

• Funding - A VIS corporate academy is an investment that will bring you tangible returns. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive the best value and ROI from your investment with us.

• Analysis - The most crucial stage of the corporate academy strategy is designing the right curriculum and ensuring that learning aligns perfectly with business goals.

• Marketing - One of the most common mistakes when implementing a new learning program is lack of communication. We will help you to communicate the intent and benefits of your corporate academy and to get high levels of buy-in from your employees.

• Metrics - By measuring the success of your training, you can identify and devise future training patterns and requirements to prove that training was a key driving factor in the new strategic direction.


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A Corporate Academy that Helps Meet Your Business Goals

At VIS, we facilitate one of the most challenging missions—harmonization and alignment across all teams. We will help you define the areas in your organization that may be underperforming due to a lack of training.  Find out more about the VIS Corporate Academy and how we can tailor our training services to meet your needs and business goals.